Dart 12 Inspired by the natural world, enhanced by the most advanced energy-efficient technologie optimised for ultimate performance and lifestyle in sailing yacht or motor yacht interpretations. 

DART is an 80m/ 262ft yacht that totally connects with its ocean environment. DART like no other, is a yacht that celebrates an intimate relationship with the surrounding ocean. Where some yachts project an image that is alien to their marine environment, DART has sleek and sinuous lines in harmony with the surrounding. Where the amenity of some yachts feels akin to that of a prestige city hotel,
DART offers the ambiance of the ultimate shore-side boutique hotel; it has a beach deck and pool that provide the perfect connection with the surrounding waters when at anchor or underway; a dramatically sculpted and glazed hard chine above the waterline, bringing in reflections of ocean light and a window on the marine world.

Dart 04

The sea-level amenities are complemented by magnificent panoramic outlooks from top decks and flybridge. With its remarkable styling, its close connection with the marine environment, its unsurpassed efficiency and performance, DART is a yacht for truly discerning individuals seeking a lifestyle that, only in the fullness of time, can be experienced let alone be appreciated.

Enhanced technologies and lifestyle
DART values and utilizes technologies for their cleaner, leaner and more efficient operation, thus enhancing performance, luxury and lifestyle too. This is a truly future-proofed yacht that will reward for years into the future consuming less energy, and so needing to produce less energy. It will also be a quieter ship: yet more luxurious in every sense of the word. The burdens of maintenance and regulation will be lower, respect for the environment higher.

These benefits arise from a "Total Energy" approach, where many advanced technologies work in concert. They include programmes to optimise weight, to reduce energy consumption and to extract, exclude or re-cycle waste heat. They include the use of microturbines and alternative energy generation techniques such as hydro-generators in place of traditional diesel generators, together with advanced energy storage and management systems. Royal Huisman has pioneering experience and proven expertise in the application of these technologies, enabling them to deliver "game changing" advantages.


This is not just fresh thinking in design terms, it is also a yacht optimised for sea-going performance and amenity. Above the waterline she may appear a close sister of the DART motor yacht; below the waterline her low-wetted surface area hull, high aspect foils and centreboard are designed for fast passage making and manoeuvrability while retaining access to shoal waters for the perfect anchorage. Excellent stability is assured by the relatively low centre of gravity resulting from DART's low profile and the internal ballast designed around a deep yet retractable centerboard.

Dart 09

DART's powerful sail plan is safe and easy to handle yet maintenance-friendly. Features include asymmetric spinnakers that store below deck on retrieval drums; 105% jib with sheets led to captive winches; squaretopped mainsails for aerodynamic efficiency; electrically-driven winches; track-mounted foresail sheet for easy and efficient handling; mainsails double-sheeted for optimum boom control and handled by Rondal 'style to order' furling reef booms and breakthrough batten car system.

Dart 12


A lightweight, long range, high performance motor yacht employing very advanced propulsion techniques, offering the benefits of fuel efficiency, high manoeuvrability, lower emissions, and minimal noise and vibration.
DART motoryacht is driven by two azimuthing pulling propellers. A versatile and efficient variable output power generation system will be directed to a twin propulsion set-up that, among many other advantages, supplies added power for a forward and retractable bow-thruster. On passage, at anchor, or holding position over a reef using dynamic positioning, DART provides the ultimate relationship with its surroundings – enabling guests to enjoy the crystal blue waters around them as much as the extensive and luxurious amenities available aboard. Two large tenders, artfully concealed beneath the foredeck, provide fast, safe and weather-protected shoregoing transport. The comprehensive crew facilities are carefully located to ensure the privacy of guests while supporting the very highest standards of service and catering.

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